Celebration - 2020/21 Retirees

We want to publicly honour those employees who are retiring from FSD this year and acknowledge the profound and lasting impact their collective efforts have on the lives of our students. Please join Foothills School Division and the Milestones Committee representing ATA Local 16 and CUPE 5040 in sharing our gratitude for the following employees retiring this year:

Joanne Adams, Transportation

I feel privileged to have been a School Bus driver for almost 20 years. I enjoyed working with all of the many and different children and their parents, all the bus drivers, everyone at the office and all of the mechanics. I really appreciate the support of my "Bosses" and Foothills School Division and I really miss my little and big passengers. Thank you all!





Karen Andrews, Longview School

I'm grateful for all the wonderful colleagues, students and families I've had the pleasure to work with throughout my FSD career.  It is also rewarding to see that many former students  are leading their best lives and following their dreams!






Marian Barkley, Transportation

I so enjoyed my many years of driving bus. I will always miss the wonderful kids, parents, my peers & school staff, but happy to see the early mornings and driving in the inclement AB weather in my rear-view mirror. All the best to all the other Retirees!     






Kelly Barron, Transportation

I am grateful for my 20 years with Foothills School Division in the position of School Bus Driver for RDL primarily. I have met many great coworkers, teachers, staff, students and their families and it has been a fantastic experience I hold dear going forward. I wish the best to all our Foothills Family!





Bryan Brandford, École Secondaire Highwood High School

For more than 30 years, I never had to graduate from the greatest gig, the grandest show or from this awesome family called the FSD.  So, I thank you for creating the stories of my career, and some of the most memorable moments of my life.  With deepest gratitude, Branny.    





Sheri Dwernychuk, École Secondaire Highwood High School

It was a honour to follow the Blackie students from kindergarten until graduation. All the HHS students who have impacted my life, so grateful, cause they all rock. The staff ( you know who you are) made coming to work in all the schools that I worked at awesome. Thank you always Grateful.






Nicole Gaja, École Secondaire Highwood High School

Retiring from FSD was so bitter sweet and one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. I will always cherish the memories and awesome friendships I’ve made. I will always be grateful for the opportunity I have been given to be employed at FSD. I truly miss the people, all the laughs and the social interactions with the students and staff. Onto the next chapter of my life... take good care everyone!





Janet Goodwin, Blackie School

I wanted to say something extremely profound as I depart this chapter of my life, but inspiration escapes me. I have tried to live by my favourite saying by Oscar Wilde, "Life is too important to be taken seriously." I believe this has helped me look for the best each day and enjoy many special moments with many incredible people. Thanks for a great run. You will not be forgotten.            






Deborah Graham, Longview School

I am grateful for all the staff and parents that I have had the privilege of working with over the years.  I will miss the students as they have been my bright light in everyday and have made "my job" a gift of love, light and laughter.                                                                  






Deb Gross, Spitzee Elementary School

One of the highlights of my career was when I was given the opportunity to help students discover and develop their artistic talent through guided drawing lessons. Observing students reactions when they transformed simple lines into wonderful creations was priceless! Thank you Spitzee community for filling my heart with so many wonderful memories.     





Barb Haney, Cayley School

Twenty two years of teaching music and sharing musical experiences with students and staff at both Joe Clark and Cayley Schools has been such an honour.  Thanks so much for the support received from FSD staff members over the years. Congratulations and best wishes to all of the retirees.





Carrie Irwin, Transportation

I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with and for an amazing group of people for almost 17 years.                  







Phil Irwin, Cayley and Colony Schools

FACT: I "retired" once before from Foothills in 1992. FACT: I missed teaching so much I came back in 2005. FACT: Once a teacher, always a teacher! FACT: Based on my experience, the same cannot necessarily be said for being "retired"! Thanks, FSD, for 28 great years!        





Colleen Jantzen, Cayley School

I'm deeply grateful for the wonderful years I had working in the caring community of Cayley school. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students and staff at Cayley School and being a part of their learning and literacy journey. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with the other Learning Commons Facilitators and learning with and from them. The Cayley School Book Fairy has been called on to a new assignment - Grandmothering!





Brenda Kleiboer, Westmount School

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked at both CIM and Westmount schools. I treasure the friendships I have made and the wonderful students I have had the opportunity to get to know. I am looking forward to spending more time with my 6 adorable grandchildren.        





Zdena Kvicala, Transportation

Working for FSD sure was a lot of fun, I enjoyed meeting all the people I worked with.        







Brooke MacNeill, Spitzee Elementary School

I am looking forward to spending more time with my family, children and grandchildren. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside some fantastic educators , students and families. To be part of a team of educators that continually strive to learn, support families and do what is best for students has been a highlight of my career. I want to wish FSD all the best and  thank you for allowing me to be part of an incredible FSD family.





Deb Paron, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School

I am looking forward to moving back to B.C. and never having to replace a hail-damaged roof again! I will miss the amazing EA's and teachers that I have had the privilege to work alongside these last 10 years.






Nora Perceval, Spitzee Elementary School

Spitzee School has been a fantastic place to work and been part of my life for the last 25 years.  I shall miss the camaraderie I have shared with so many staff members, students and their families. I am so fortunate to have so many wonderful memories to take with me as I start the next chapter of my life...        






Karen Peters, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School

After 37 years of being with the FCHS I can look back with satisfaction at the contribution I have made to our students.  I have enjoyed being part of the community especially when I am out and I am greeted with a “Hi Miss P” recognition from former students.    






Jan Pistawka, Division Office

I have thoroughly enjoyed my more than eighteen years working to support the employees of Foothills School Division.  I am ever grateful for the experiences and opportunities we have shared.  What a journey it has been, I am thankful for everyone that has crossed my path.   Now on to those grandkids, travels and outdoor activities!    






Carol Price, École Joe Clark School

I am grateful for my time at Joe Clark.  I enjoyed the staff, the kids, the smiles, and laughter.  My 9 years as an Educational Assistant just seemed to fly by and it was a difficult decision to really retire - I had taught for 30 years in BC.  I was actually thinking of one more year and COVID helped with the final decision.  A huge THANK YOU to the Staff at Joe Clark over the years and to the Division for placing me there in the first place!    





Lori Rheaume, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School

Teaching has afforded me the great pleasure of creating and sustaining meaningful relationships with my students and colleagues. I am looking forward to time away from the bell for travel and new adventures in learning.





Michelle Richardson, C. Ian McLaren School

After starting my career in Slave Lake, we relocated back to southern Alberta to raise a family.  After volunteering in McLaren in my kid's classes, I knew this small school was a perfect fit for me and I spent the final years of my career nestled in the "small school with a big heart" here in Black Diamond.   I have appreciated being part of the Foothills family.   






Colleen Riphagen, Oilfields School

I am so happy that I made the career choice to teach High School science.  In doing so, my life has been enriched by the energy of the students, the comradery of my Foothills School Division colleagues and the sheer joy of having summers off to explore our amazing country.         






Deb Sorensen, Cayley School

It has been a privilege to be part of the C. Ian McLaren, Blackie, Westmount and Cayley School teams in the capacity of an administrator and teacher. My career highlights have been supporting students on their journey as they move forward to the future. Thank you to everyone who has shared in my journey!





Judy Spangler, Big Rock School

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 36 years as an Early Literacy teacher and Music Specialist with FSD. Reflecting on my career, I will continue to cherish my very fond memories of wonderful students, incredibly dedicated staff, and strong, capable and supportive administration. I have enjoyed a wonderful career with the Foothills School Division and am ever grateful for the experiences and opportunities we have shared




Margaret Speelman, Dr. Morris Gibson School

I am so grateful to have been part of the Foothills School Division, which allowed me to follow my passions while growing professionally and personally. Fifty words or less does not even allow me to attempt to share some of my fabulous memories, insightful learning, and tremendous gratitude. Thank you!






Rhonda Timm, École Secondaire Highwood High School

I am looking forward to spending time travelling when allowed and seeing more of our family members. For now we will spend the next few months on the golf course!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Highwood High  for the last 12 years.






Patt Wallace, École Percy Pegler School

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderfully kind and caring people. I learned so much from not only these people but the children. The best part of the job!






Nora Weston-Stuart, École Secondaire Foothills Composite High School

I have had a very satisfying career. Teaching is a profession of giving and receiving, and I am grateful to have experienced both through my connections with students, colleagues, and parents. Through these interactions, I have grown personally and professionally. I now look forward to new adventures, for my longtime mantra, “change is opportunity”, has always proven true.





Sandi Wintemute, Big Rock School

I am extremely grateful for my years spent at the Foothills School Division as an Education Assistant and Jr. Kindergarten teacher! I have an abundance of wonderful and happy memories made with my students and colleagues. I will miss everyone!